Benefits of Partnership

A partner is a person who is united or associated with another in an activity or endeavour with a common interest. In a partnership there is combined strength and the effort required to carry out a task or endeavour is minimised. We invite you to partner with us in our task of reaching the world and perfecting the saints.
Our covenant partners are individuals, churches, organisations that give donations to us on regular basis or as a one-time gift. As a blessing to those who help us to evangelise the world, there are several partnership benefits, which include:

  1. More personal ministry
  2. Regular meetings with the head of the ministry
  3. More personal prayers (for lives and businesses)
  4. More teachings
  5. Direct impartation
  6. Relationship and cooperation with other partners of the ministry
  7. Heaven’s rewards

Please join us today and become an AOMI partner by choosing any of our partnership categories or both. Together we can make the difference. May God richly reward you.

The AOMI partnership is in two categories -

  1. Joshua’s Circle
  2. The Prophet’s Circle

Joshua’s Circle:

This group is for persons who have committed to give to the ministry, and who desire to give their partnership contribution monthly, quarterly, biannually (half-yearly) or yearly. The intending partner is required to state the exact amount they wish to give also the frequency of their giving.

Persons in this category will enjoy the following:

  • Quarterly meetings with the President of the ministry
  • Impartations during such meetings
  • Prayers

The Prophet’s Circle:

This category is for persons who desire to give with a set target in mind. They will work with the ministry’s yearly budget and set their target so as to meet the budget. Thus, the giving in this category is more intense.

The benefits for being in this group are -

  • Impartation by the president of the ministry
  • Regular meetings with the president of the ministry
  • More specific sit-down sessions with the president which will include questions and answers
  • Regular prayers by the president for their businesses and other endeavours
  • Group retreats with the president at appointed times

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